‘All Tudor Life is There’. The Mary Rose Reborn.

The Social Historian


The Mary Rose and I go way back.

Like many people of my generation, my first experience of the Tudor warship came on a school trip. It’s the first school trip that stuck in my mind – taking the coach from Mudeford Junior School in Dorset, down the M27 to Portsmouth Historic Dockyards. In fact, I really remember three things from that trip: the route the coach took (I was obsessed with roads), a rather disturbingly precise description of how Admiral Nelson was killed by a French sniper, and the Mary Rose.

Unfortunately, that last bit is not the whole truth, for what I really remember about the Mary Rose, was the disappointment. For, to a schoolboy who’d just enjoyed the glories of HMS Victory – a complete, fully-armed, sail-ship straight out of the days of piracy on the high seas – the Mary Rose was frankly a bit…

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